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Travel Date: 12/11/2006
Subject: WE HAVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What we did today:
"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!"
2 Corinthians 9:15

God our Father has blessed us with the most beautiful, sweet, precious, darling, adorable baby in the entire world!!!!!!!!

Amy came to our hotel room around 3. She informed us we would get AnnaClaire at 4. We asked if we could go to the orphanage and Amy said that she would ask. We went over all kinds of stuff and left the hotel around 3:30. We had to go in a taxi. The taxi drivers are CRAZY!!! I was amazed, they are CRAZY! We got to the Civil Affairs about 15 til 4. The Civil Affairs office seemed very run down. We rode an elevator to the 3rd floor. They told us AnnaClaire wasn’t here yet. There was a bunch of people in the room who had all just received their babies. We got so excited, we couldn’t stand it! Just about 4, I heard a baby SOBBING and it wasn’t coming from the room. I thought, oh it’s AnnaClaire! Her nanny walked in holding her and we knew it was her. With her was the director (I think), a nanny, and a beautiful older girl. I had actualy been on this family’s website and knew it was XinMin. We had to sit there and wait while they were in the back calming our sobber! She has some lungs on her!!! Anyway, we were just dying to get her now that she was here. Meanwhile, Dad was paying the stuff. We had to wait and wait and they told Dad that she was here. He came in and AnnaClaire and the nanny came out. They started handing AnnaClaire to us, but there was another lady who said, "NO! NO! We must check and make sure it’s the right baby!" AnnaClaire HuiHui was just screaming. They had to look at our TA and our passports and then they let us have her. She was handed to Mom and just wouldn’t let up her crying. Mom tried to give her a bottle. She drank a little but that soon got old. Mom gave her to Dad and after a little crying, she stopped. We have decided she is a daddy’s girl! She started sobbing again and Dad walked around to calm her down. Soon there was not a peep coming out of her. She started crying again. By now I was in tears. She was the cutest thing ever. They were happy tears. I was dying to hold her. The whole time, Will is videoing this. Finally, I got to hold her. She stopped crying!!! She is so sweet. We gave her back to Mommy and she sat in Mommy’s arms. Mom and Dad held her and we wiped her nose. She is so funny. She says "buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" Amy said it means no. Whenever we wipe her nose, change her diaper, etc., she goes, "BUUUUUUUUUUU". It is so cute. Her little lips just quiver and she just goes "bu". Finally she was calmed down a bit and Will got his chance to hold her. She liked him a lot. Mom asked the director some questions, but I don’t remember LOL. Mom couldn’t think of very many, but we are seeing them again and will present them with the list of questions Keara gave me. All the while, HuiHui is just moving her head and looking all around! She is just the cutest thing. Finally we were free to go! We got in the elevator and she sobbed even harder! We got outside and immediatly, she stopped! She snuggled with Mommy and moved her head all around looking at the cars and people. She is so alert! Everyone just stared and smiled. One lady looked at her and was almost in tears! We got in the cab. She was so good in the cab! She didn’t cry much at all! She laid her little head on Mommy’s shoulder and almost fell asleep. We got to the hotel and she was so good. Mom asked about her gotcha outfit (the red one that was on top of the yellow one), and Amy told us that it was a special occasion outfit! The minute we stepped in the elevator, she started whimpering and crying again, but the minute we stepped off, she was A-Ok! We brought her into the room and held her. Mom and Dad did more paperwork. We fed her cheerios and she wanted more! She started crying again and Will and I took her in the hall (they have a baby area in the hall) and played with her. I put her down and she sat and we played with the xylophone. She banged it and I think she liked it. We bounced the ball and she liked looking at us. We have a little butterfly teethy toy and she played with that too. She started crying again and we brought her back in the hotel. She cried somemore, and Mom changed her diaper. It was really wet! She stopped crying and when she started again, Mom fed her a bottle! She drank the entire thing!!!! Amy called a guy from the lobby and he ordered Pizza Hut for us. We put AnnaClaire HuiHui on her blankie on the floor and gave her some toys. She clutched her ladybug rattle from Liz and Syd. She really liked it! Then Amy left. AnnaClaire HuiHui cried a little and we decided she was tired. Mom thought she felt something in her diaper, so she changed it! This little girl has already gone poop! No prunes for us! LOL. We gave her a first bath. She liked it a lot! She whimpered a tiny bit. We wrapped her in her towel and Mom dried her off. We put her in her jammies and they fit perfectly!!! I brushed her hair and from then she was just a changed baby! She LOVES her hair brush!!! I brushed her hair and whenever I stopped, she’d whimper. She hasn’t let go of her hairbrush since! She absolutely LOVES it! She started crying a little tiny bit so Mom gave her another bottle. This one had rice ceral with the formula. She loved that and drank the whole thing. She loves peek-a-boo and steal the toy (hairbrush) We have gotten smiles and laughs out of her, and crying is a thing of the past! She is a new baby! She has the sweetest smile! She has 6 little teeth and whenever she smiles, she squints her eyes. She is an absolute blessing and we love her to death!

I’m off to play with our little AnnaClaire HuiHui! She is a DOLL! And a HOOT! We love her so much. She is SO smiley! She also LOVES banging her hairbrush and mirror together. She’s a little ham! I can’t believe this is the same baby we were handed a few hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I am not in many of the pictures because I was the "picture taker".

Love to all,
and Mom, Dad, Will, and AnnaClaire HuiHui!!!!!!!!!

P.S. the reason we are calling her AnnaClaire HuiHui is because she is not used to AnnaClaire yet but we want her to know that that is her name. Her nickname in the orphanage is HuiHui which explains the "HuiHui" part. We love her bunches!!!

P.S.S. she is def. a Hunan spicy girl!!!

We are now playing ball with her. She is so funny and squeals everytime she gives it to you. She can stand with help and for a minute on her own, cannot walk, and can’t crawl. She is ADORABLE and we love her to pieces! OH right as I typed that, she took 2 steps and held out her arms to me! AWWWWW! She’s a darling!!

I’ve been working on and off on this post since we got back. I just keep taking brakes and spending time with my sweet mei mei!

Oh I forgot to mention, we get to go to the orphanage!!! We are going on Wednesday! I’m so excited!

Photos... (click image to enlarge)

Standing outside the Civil Affairs Office

AnnaClaire, nanny, and XinMin

The gotcha moment

Daddy gets AnnaClaire

Her first bottle calms her down

Daddy and baby

Will and AnnaClaire

Mommy feeding HuiHui another bottle

AnnaClaire with her ladybug toy!

She liked the bubbles... For a few minutes, anyway

Look at that face!

My bath isn’t so bad!

The hairbrush that turned her into a new baby!

Look at me just smiling away with my brush!

Smiley thing loves her Mommy!

She LOVES Will. He was first to make her laugh!

Sweet girl playing with her toys!

My very favorite picture. The smile and eyes say i